We spend a lot of our time observing. From time to time we will feature an article about an important design or internet trend which we feel will be useful to our clients. Whether this is an important social network to have a presence on, or a trend in design, these articles are a great resource for keeping up to speed with the latest and greatest.

About Responsive Web Design

There are two aspects to web design - technology and design. With web design, the visual aspect can be influenced by such varied influences as operating system and software design, to traditional design such a brochure or poster design.

As far as technology goes, new technologies are always emerging, and it is important to take advantage of the benefits afforded by these new technologies and techniques.

Web Design trends and fashions are difficult to predict, with everything from popular culture and other disciplines of design, to major websites and software design influencing the trends.

OPS has recently completed an internal experiment with advertising on Google.
First National Bank recently announced it has partnered with PayPal, who is one of the world's leading online payment providers.
How big does your company need to be before you start worrying about your brand?
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