Logo design is absolutely critical - it is your company's face, and the first and most basic handle people have to relate to your brand.

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Best of 2013

Each year, we like to select some of our favorite projects from the past 12 months and give them a spotlight.

SevenC Signage

SevenC has updated their signage to use the new logo One Part Scissors designed in May.

SevenC Logo Rebranding

One Part Scissors was approached by SevenC Computing to redesign their corporate identity.

Vagabond Vintage Logo

Vagabond Vintage create vintage inspired decor and interior items. One Part Scissors was tasked with creating an identity for the new business, as well as a website and online shop. The logo is inspired by Audrey Hepburn, a style icon and inspiration to the Vagabond Vintage founder.

Renaissance Group Logo

While conceptualising the logo for the Renaissance Group, we drew inspiration from the art of the period of the Renaissance, to embody the concept of the Renaissance Man - communicating that the Renaissance company is a master at a range of skills and abilities.

OSRAM2010 Campaign

With the big day just around the corner, football fever is taking hold. OPS created a logo for OSRAM for their 2010 promotional gifts, to be given to staff and clients. The logo was created to conform to the global OSRAM brand guide, while still having a unique African feel. Various items were produced featuring the symbols – soccer balls, golf shirts, caps and a supporter's blanket (might get chilly in the stadium!)

GodFirst Corporate Identity

One Part Scissors has refreshed the brand of GodFirst Church. GodFirst is going through a rebranding process to strengthen the brand for the exciting changes the church has lined up for 2010. GodFirst is expanding to operate in 7 locations in the new year, and the larger scale of the group means that a defined and structured set of guidelines around the presentation of the brand becomes vital.

Citi-Con Corporate Identity

One Part Scissors has just completed the logo design for Citi-Con Services.


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