Impak Website

Impak Education offers home schooling programmes and resources. Impak approached One Part Scissors to create a dynamic, bilingual website for the company as part of its rebranding project. The rebranding project was done by BaieLingual, and the website's inital concept was devised as part of that rebranding exercise. The role of One Part Scissors was to bring the concept to life as a dynamic, Responsive website with a content management system. OPS created the website on the fantastic Drupal 7 platform, which allows Impak to quickly and easily create new content or update existing info on the site.

The website is our first bi-lingual website, being offered in English and Afrikaans. OPS made use of the Internationalisation modules offered by Drupal to allow for a smooth experience when switching languages. All elements on the site can be created in multiple languages, and switching between them is quick and easy for the visitor.


Website on Desktop and Mobile Side by Side

The website is Responsive, which allows it to dynamically display in the most optimal way for smaller devices such as tablets and phones. The website's theme reflows the content to suit the single column view that a phone's small screen allows. This Responsive theme removes the need to have a second "cut down" mobile site, instead allowing visitors access to the full experience - tailored for the screen they are using.


To see the website in action, click the links below...